Lab Grown Diamonds at W.K. Chan Jewellers


A diamond is of the best-known and most sought after gemstones, and has long been a symbol of eternal love.

Diamonds are made deep within the Earth. The element Carbon is placed under unique conditions of extreme heat and pressure.

These rough diamonds are then manually mined from the Earth, which is incredibly hard on the environment. Welcome to the new era of diamonds. Diamonds that are created in a lab. Starting with a small seed in a controlled environment, replicating the natural conditions in which diamonds develop beneath the Earth’s crust. Using either a carbon vapour deposition or high pressure temperature processes, the diamond seed slowly grows into a pure rough diamond. With precise cutting and polishing, a lab grown diamond is exactly the same as a mined diamond. At W.K. Chan Jewellers we love lab grown diamonds!

They are every bit as “real” as mined diamonds without conflict and without the negative effect on the environment. We are proud to announce that we carry Valour Grown Diamonds at W.K. Chan Jewellers! Like one’s love, Valour has no boundaries, growing exquisite diamonds in superior sizes. W.K. Chan Jewellers now offers exceptional value with Valour and provides an environmentally friendly choice as Valour Grown Diamonds do not require any mining in the Earth.

Visit W.K. Chan Jewellers at 1418 Ellice Avenue to talk to a Valour Grown Diamond expert to learn about the next wave of diamonds. As one of Manitoba’s largest retailers of fine, custom designed jewellery, W.K. Chan Jewellers promises outstanding service.

Situated in the Stadium Shops on Milt Stegall Drive, our team is standing by, ready to guide you toward the perfect piece of jewellery, and now mounted with extraordinary Valour Grown Diamonds.