Tips For Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Know what she wants:

Do some reconnaissance on the shape and style she really wants. If she doesn’t already hide pictures under your car seat, ask her friends and the people closest to her to find out the ring of her dreams.

Such as:

What shape does she want? The two most common shapes requested are round (brilliant cut) and squares (princess cut).  The star of today is the cushion cut–a rounded square.

Another important question to ask:

What size does she want?  Is one carat a winner or is she preferring two, or more carats?  Think about what color is ideal. Does it need to be collection color or is a bit of color okay? Clarity choices: Is she expecting a flawless diamond or is a slight inclusion acceptable? If she doesn’t know, I would recommend the following starting point for most couples.  Look at a comfortable size in a Excellent Cut, G to H color with clarity of SI1.  In all cases, I highly recommend a GIA certified diamond.

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